Day 17: Just Call Me The Coupon Queen

April 17, 2011 at 11:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Today makes the second week of buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper in order to get the coupons to save on groceries. So last Sunday I bought three copies of the Tri-City paper, and I was able to score the last two copies of this Sunday’s edition. They are $1.50 each, so I have spent a little over $6 in my couponing efforts thus far. I have made the following deals:

1. Free Subway 6″breakfast Sub with the purchase of any size drink. This was an awesome deal @ my local Subway. I gave my youngest two teenagers a coupon and $1.70 each, and they came out with free BLT Subs for their breakfast one morning, savings $6 ( as they are $3 each).
2. $1 off any size Folgers coffee. I had four of these coupons, and my local K-Mart had a deal where you got the 11 0z size for 2 for $6 on their Shop Your Way Rewards program. These are normally a little over $4 each, so I saved $4 just in coupons, not counting the sale price, so, after all discounts they were $2 each. I got two of the Breakfast Blend and two of the Classic Roast, while I do not drink coffee myself, my husband and two older children that are in college were very thankful, they thought coffee had probably bit the budget dustbin after I was fired.
3. $1 off any 4oz or larger size of Colgate toothpaste. My children love the Colgate with Maxi-Strips toothpaste. I normally buy the 4 oz size for $1 at Dollar Tree, but Dollar Tree does not take coupons, so this makes each ounce cost 25 cents. My local Wal-Mart sells the 6 oz size for $2.77, so after the $1 off coupon ( I had three, so I bought three tubes) that made it 17.7 cents an ounce, my children, again, were very happy, they thought I would start buying the larger tubes of Pepsodent that Dollar Tree sells for a dollar, and were quite happy with this purchase.
4. $3.00 off select Bic Razors. We already buy the Bic Hybrid Advance, which was covered under this coupon, they were $5.75 each at my local K-Mart, after the coupon they were $2.75 each, I bought three, so I saved $9.00.
5. $1.50 off the purchase of three Cheerios brand cereals. These are $2.75 each at my local Wal-Mart and we eat Cheerios anyway, I had three coupons, so I bought 9 boxes of cereal (breakfast is covered for a while) and saved $4.50.

I haven’t done my major grocery shopping for the month yet, but so far, in about a week, I have saved $26.50 in coupons alone, and I still have literally oodles of coupons left, so it has been worth the hour or so I have spent clipping them the past two Sundays.

I think I am going to contact my paper and see if they offer a deal for buying multiple copies of the Sunday paper. I think the discount might be worth it. The one thing that I have noticed is that some of the coupons say there is a limit of four per transaction, still, if you are willing to make more than one trip, I think it could be very worthwhile.


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